What is Couragendures?

CouragEndures is an online platform where people can connect and share their stories of courage. It’s a network where people have the opportunity to express their own tales of courage and inspire other acts of valor — no matter how big or small.

CouragEndures sustains itself through CouragEndures products through website website and athletic events, along with the charitable donations of the public. A portion of profits will benefit individuals who have demonstrated a notable act of courage and meet the ideals of Courage Endures. 

the COURAGE logo

The “Run COURAGE” logos are based on the Japanese symbol for courage. It is fitting that the central element-- the box across the runner’s chest -- encompasses the heart, for ultimately, that is where courage lies. (If red: red symbolizes both love and courage, both of which originate from the heart). 

  • Heart and COURAGE ties in the physical (heart as a muscle) with the symbolic (heart as source of courage).
  • Red symbolizes courage, we look to incorporate into the logo anywhere we can.

THE Warriors Heart symbol

The “Warriors Heart” symbol symbolizes a fighting spirit and to never give up. The WH symbol is based on the anatomical correct picture of the heart with the Japanese symbol for courage in the middle of the heart. It gives you the freedom to place your Warriors Heart where you need it. 

The picture of the anatomically correct heart is to remind you that heart is a physical moving machine and it needs you to care for it, but if you do it will supply you with more power to fulfill your greatness. Combine that power with the Courage and their isn’t anything that can stop you.   



  • John Brandenburg
  • Craig Thompson
  • Robin Schmidt
  • Richard Grier